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I am a Texas transplant from the windy city of Chicago, a land where a strong voice can be lost in a sea of thought. But now I am living in the desert sun land of El Paso, Texas where the people are as bright as the sun. cropped-cropped-cropped-me-5-e1506963589449.jpg I was first introduced to this humble profession through the Golden Apple Foundation but got hooked by observing and learning from one of the greatest storytellers Chicago has ever produced, the late Syd Lieberman. Mr. Lieberman told stories that mired attention and captured his audiences’ imaginations. Through Mr. Lieberman’s coaching and guidance, I learned to develop original stories that capture not only the imagination but also the beauty of my culture. My stories are inspired by my grandmothers’ varied and entertaining tales from their childhoods in Mexico mixed with modern twists. This means I have different versions of Mexican legends such as La llorona, El cucuy, and La mano peluda. 

As a teacher, I implemented storytelling into my curriculum whenever possible which motivated my students to learn and pick up books. I found it served as an intervention for my struggling readers and assisted them in improving their self-confidence and even their academic achievement. I firmly believe storytelling is an educational tool that brings back the “active learning” that is missing in today’s educational curriculum.919_0230_Moment(3)My students have always been my best critics. I figure, if they like my storytelling, others will as well.

If you like, feel free to visit my teller profiles at The Tejas Storytelling Association, The National Storytelling Network, and The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators using the links below.

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