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Tinita and her cousins frustrate her mother. She gets even by telling them that disobedient little girls tend to run into a legendary boogeyman when they misbehave—and it’s not El Cucuy. Tinita’s wild imagination gets the best of her and she has an awful night of mishaps. Eventually, her mother helps her understand why it’s not a good idea to disobey your parents.



cropped-cropped-cover.jpg¿Quién es La Llorona? Who is the Weeping Woman?
This story tells the misadventure of sisters, Coco and Rosita, after they leave the home of Tinita, their cousin, from The Hairy Hand Visits. The sisters have an encounter with La Llorona and Coco isn’t convinced La Llorona is real. Coco must use her keen skill of observation and resourcefulness to solve the mystery of the identity of the Weeping Woman before someone gets hurt.


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