“Sandra’s performance combines the fine art of storytelling and artistry, connecting real life to curriculum.”                                                                       REL Washington ES 2 (2)

Rosie Rodríguez, Librarian
R.E.L. Washington Elementary
Ysleta Independent School District 


“I loved how Sandra told her personal story ‘El Burrito!’ It made me empathize with every child from a culture different than that of the U.S., who has no choice other than to bring whatever his/her mom sends for lunch.”

—Natasha La Gitana, Storyeller
Tejas Storytelling Association
Austin, Texas

“Her stellar performances were always the highlight of our events. She always showed up prepared and excited to share her portfolio of personal stories. I recommend her without reservations.”


—Lisa López-Williamson, Librarian    
Herrera Elementary
El Paso Independent School District