No News is Good News!

As a self-published author, one of my goals is to become a traditionally published author. To achieve those means, I send my manuscripts to agents and editors at publishers and to contests. Once you submit a manuscript, you get a response after six to twelve weeks if they are interested. No response = REJECTION.

In December 2020, I submitted a short story for consideration into an anthology. Since I hadn’t heard back in over a year, I assumed it was another rejection. To my surprise, this past weekend, I got this email:

“Dear Sandra,

We have great news for you. The story, Dancing with the Devil, that you submitted to the anthology THE HAUNTED STATES OF AMERICA, edited by SCBWI and to be published by Henry Holt, has been accepted. Congratulations! There were many hundreds of submissions, and yours was one of the fifty to be selected.”

Perseverance Pays off!

15 thoughts on “No News is Good News!

  1. Congratulations on this extraordinary accomplishment, I am looking forward to reading this story and happy for the exposure that your other works will receive.

  2. Awesome, It is said that great things unfold overtime. A huge Congratulations, Sandra!!!

  3. Congratulations Sandra! This is great. All your hard work paid off. I can’t imagine how enthusiastic you must be. Congratulations and best of luck with all future submissions.

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