A Busy Weekend!

I told this past Saturday at the El Paso Writers’ League’s first Virtual Book Festival. Three other authors, Dan Leydon, J.B. Masaji, and Kari Veenstra read excerpts of their books as well.

My story, La Suerte de Curi, begins a few seconds before the 15-minute mark. It’s dedicated to Don Pedro Covarrubias who shared this story with family.

Our Little Library

We had a wonderful inauguration for our Little Library on our cul de sac. Our neighbors came out and filled it up in less than two minutes! A special thanks to Fabian Ramirez and Karina Lakhanpal for the artwork! My family—hubby, dad, mom and boys for the hard labor to set it up! Thanx Lisa Lopez-Williamson for enabling me to get the Little Library and all the awesome work you did in El Paso!

Little Library on Paseo de Luna

Tejas Storytelling Festival 2020!

TSA Festival Logo 2020

The festival is right around the corner!

This year I was honored to be asked to present my workshop: Storytelling in the Dual Language Classroom. So, if there are any teachers in the Dallas/Denton area the weekend of March 12-14, you might be interested in attending. There are other great workshops as well.  For more info on the workshops follow this link:

Workshops @TSF 2020

I will also be performing my story, Xochitl y Papalotl, at the Fringe Concert from 3:30-5:00 on Saturday, March 14. If you don’t know what a Fringe Concert is and you’re in the vicinity, stop by and learn!

There are a lot of free activities for families as well. For more info, please visit the website at:

TejasStorytelling pic